The reviews are in!

Happy dance time again! I’ve received three excellent reviews.

Review # 1 by Emily Layng:

This book provides real insight into the heart and mind of a teenager struggling to cope with a terrible loss. Our young heroine is tough, and sweet, and instantly relatable. Clear a spot on your library shelf, this one’s a keeper!

Review # 2 by Sheilagh Lee

[Cage of Bone] is a deep look into the pain that death and suicide wreaks havoc on love ones. The systemic impact of loss and how this influences each of the family members but especially the protagonist sixteen year old Ronnie.

 As someone who has lost a sister (not to suicide but to cancer) I read this book with open eyes knowing how I felt when my sister died wondering if the author could capture those feelings. I have to tell you this author made me feel all of those emotions again as we follow Ronnie through her journey of grief and more.  A poignant story of love, life, and loss of a sister, this book is the journey of someone who is hurting wounded and needing help but can’t ask for it. I enjoyed this carefully crafted story and its intricate layers from Leanne Beattie and look forward to anything else she’d care to write in the future.

This book is a must read for teens and adults coming to grips with loss.

 Review # 3 by Abigail Boyd: 

“Katherine was the popular one and what did it get her? A big smile in the yearbook and a funeral at 18.”

The main reason I buy a book, as shallow as it may be, is the cover. With so many books out there, they have to be able to draw your eye. And this cover is absolutely stunning, probably one of my favorites. Now on to what’s inside…

Ronnie, a teenage girl following the punk scene in the 1980s, is dealing with the aftereffects of her seemingly-perfect sister’s suicide. Having to babysit her alcoholic mother and deal with pressures at school cause Ronnie to start unravelling. She meets Griffin, a handsome boy in a bad band who likes her, but it isn’t enough to stop her spiral into anger and depression. 

With only a strip of photographs of a mysterious boy taken from Katherine’s room, Ronnie tries to figure out why Katherine did what she did, while at the same time being haunted by her sister’s presence.  

The author really captures a teenager’s voice, and gets inside the head and the emotions of a girl going through a terrible, personal loss. She also creates wonderful, solid descriptives in nearly every scene, so it really paints a picture for the reader. I loved Ronnie’s personality, she was tough because she had to be, stood up for herself, and was also funny, my most important personal criteria in a character. The dialogue is spot-on and very realistic.  

My only minor issues are that in some parts, the story feels a bit rushed, like certain scenes are too summarized, and there were a few disconcerting time jumps from one scene to another. But again, those were minor. 

“Cage of Bone” is definitely a more mature young adult novel that I would recommend for teens and adults 14+, due to sexual content and alcohol use, as well as dark themes.   

Overall, a great grasp of literary picture-painting and characterization, as well as solid, realistic dialogue. Looking forward to more from this author, she is a very talented wordsmith!

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2 Responses to The reviews are in!

  1. taureanw says:


    It is hard to find a better feeling then reading a positive well-written review on your own work!

  2. Thanks, Taurean. I peeked at them through my fingers, afraid of what I’d read but all was good. Whew!

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