Storm Warning

Poetry will always be my first love. I love the spareness of it, how each word has to fit just so. For me, a poem starts with a great splash of ideas on the page, then I go back and chop, chop, chop until the core of the idea is revealed.

Over the years, poetry has taken a back seat to my other writing but I found a box of my old stuff this past week when I was cleaning out my storage room and lo and behold there were all my old poems and short stories! I thought I had lost them forever in the midst of my multiple moves over the past few years.

Hmmm….I need to get back into writing poetry. It helps me sort out my feelings. Kind of like a journal but something you can share with others.

Here is one of my favourites.

Storm Warning

Gathering rain clouds remind me of
Hurricane eyes flashing lightning and
Jealous soul thunder
I smell the ozone of your anger
Taste friction in the wind
Rain drops acid heartache
I grab my umbrella and run
Avoiding the downpour




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2 Responses to Storm Warning

  1. Thank you, Sheilagh, you’re an angel!

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