100 Good Things about Me

A few years ago I compiled a list of “100 good things about me” for a self-help group I attended (okay make that 101 good things for attending a self-help group!). I asked my best friends and my daughters for their impressions about me and I added my own points to the list.

Here is my list:

  1. Thoughtful
  2. Kind
  3. Honest
  4. Good communicator
  5. Great listener
  6. Very helpful
  7. Open-minded
  8. Confident
  9. Self secure
  10. Strong
  11. Patient
  12. Positive thinker
  13. Caring, empathetic
  14. Intelligent/smart
  15. Sensible
  16. Goal-oriented
  17. Pretty much raised three non-skanky kids singlehandedly
  18. Concerned for the well-being of others
  19. Work to maintain friendships
  20. Won’t stay in unsatisfactory relationships
  21. Willing to make sacrifices for others (regular blood donor, donated eggs, rescued “Elle” from the perils of the foster care system)
  22. Curious
  23. Supportive of daughter’s creative and artistic endeavours (musical instruments, piercings, hair colour etc)
  24. Could be easily mistaken for Michelle Williams
  25. Pick up on trends and styles quickly
  26. Beautiful, long fingers
  27. Persevere with your passion (writing)
  28. Great teeth and smile
  29. Doesn’t smoke
  30. Humble (not too proud to ask your friends for input on such a personal task as this one)
  31. Pleasant disposition
  32. Honest
  33. Warm
  34. Loving, affectionate
  35. Witty
  36. Well read
  37. Creative
  38. Dependable/Reliable
  39. Frugal
  40. Resourceful problem-solver
  41. Concerned about “well being”
  42. Loyal, committed
  43. Loving, affectionate
  44. Put others ahead of yourself
  45. Survivor/ Keep going even in tough times
  46. Talented writer
  47. Driven, motivated to succeed, unstoppable
  48. Not afraid to try new things
  49. Responsible
  50. Aggressive
  51. Outgoing
  52. Good friend
  53. Good listener
  54. Live by high standards/have good morals
  55. Easy to talk to
  56. Set high goals for yourself
  57. Intelligent
  58. Fun
  59. Take pride in your appearance
  60. Trustworthy
  61. Sensitive to others
  62. Great sense of humour
  63. Confident
  64. Modest
  65. Always willing to lend a hand
  66. Honest
  67. Authentic
  68. Successfully raised three daughters on her own
  69. Positive
  70. Peaceful
  71. Funny
  72. Youthful
  73. Great sense of style
  74. A devoted, loving mother
  75. Cautious and careful
  76. Perfect skin
  77. Cute feet
  78. Makes people smile
  79. Beautiful
  80. Encourages others
  81. Great at giving advice
  82. Introspective
  83. Great conversationalist
  84. Creative
  85. Makes others feel included and important
  86. Builds muscle easily (weight training)
  87. Survived 2 caesareans less than 2 years apart
  88. Passionate (emotional, feels a lot)
  89. Admits mistakes
  90. Always striving to improve
  91. Spiritual
  92. Appreciative, thankful, grateful
  93. Laughs easily
  94. Thick hair
  95. Life-long learner, self-taught
  96. Resilient, adaptable
  97. Happy
  98. Learns from her mistakes
  99. Dreams big
  100. Artist

I love it! Everyone should do this exercise. It’s a great way to see yourself in a new light.

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One Response to 100 Good Things about Me

  1. Marilyn says:

    I like your list of 100 good things about you. I am going to add a few…interesting, aware, friendly, enthusiastic, fun, approachable, a good listener, determined, astute…I could go on

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