Inspirational book: Greasewood Creek

I read a lot– at least 2 novels a week– but usually the books are just for fun and entertainment. I am a big fan of Swedish crime novels, for instance. But I just finished a slim literary novel that blew me away: Greasewood Creek by Pamela Steele.

Steele received her MFA in Poetry from Spalding University and her beautiful way with words shines through in Greasewood Creek. The story jumps back and forth in time to give you a powerful glimpse into Avery’s life, beginning on the terrible day of her younger sister’s death–which she is blamed for.

It is at times both a melancholy story and one filled with hope as Avery struggles with both her past and a current tragedy.

I was especially drawn to Steele’s description of light, as well as her ability to engage all the senses in her writing. Her background in poetry is evident.

This book was helpful for me as a writer because it showed me how to tell a story in tiny vignettes, without going in chronological order. This opened my eyes to the possibilities for my own work, since I envision my writing as scenes and don’t usually know how to connect these scenes into a smooth plot. Now I know how to jump around and tell my story one scene at a time.

Thank you, Pamela Steele for the inspiration!






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