Cage of Bone (Young Adult fiction)


Katherine’s room drew me in. I couldn’t stay away. Even when the rest of my life was falling to pieces, I could come in here and pretend that everything was back to normal.

Sometimes, when I first got up in the morning and wasn’t quite awake, I would stumble in here and ask her what I should wear that day or what the weather was supposed to be like and then I would notice the perfectly-made bed and the air of emptiness and it would hit me all over again. She’d been gone for three months now. How long would it take for me to accept that dead was forever?

Ronnie Campbell thinks she’s handling her sister Katherine’s suicide just fine. Grade 10 has started and while there are lots of whispered rumors in the hall, Ronnie tries to ignore them. But it’s hard living in the shadow of a dead girl, especially one who had it all: popularity, good looks and a promising future. Even though she tries to hide it, Ronnie is lost and struggles to find out why her seemingly perfect sister would take such a drastic step.

As she searches for answers, Ronnie continues to see and speak to Katherine as if she were still alive. But no amount of imaginary conversations can tell Ronnie what pushed her sister to the edge. All she has is a strip of photo booth images of Katherine with an unknown boy—the person who might just hold the key to everything. 

Ronnie grieves by keeping her feelings close to the chest and doesn’t open up to friends and family. In fact, she pushes away the very people who can help her cope, especially Griffin McNay, the new boy in town she has a crush on. While Ronnie denies her grief, the power of her emotions threatens to destroy her.

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